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I've only listened to ~30 minutes of the show, but gotta say... SO MUCH great music that I've never listened to before.... here's my revirew of what I've heard so far...

Warthrone- Venomassacre - Pretty cool. Wasn't sure about the beginning, but it got more and more better as the song played through!

Lvcifyre- Svn Eater - I am not too big on Portal, but these guys were fucking great! Definitely going to listen to more of them!

Hortus Animae- Chamber of Endless Nightmares - Favorite band of the show, so far. I love how all over the place it is.. yet still makes perfect sense!

Massacre- False Revelation - Cool stuff! Can't see myself fully enjoying this band, but really great for what it is! (i think I've listened to one of their older albums...)

Pilgrim- The Paladin - A band I keep hearing of, yet never checked out. Cool shit!

Words Of Farewell- In Kingdoms of Rain - I don't remember this song

Iron Reagan- Spoiled Identity - Definitely going to get that EP!

Morning Glory- This Kool-Aid Is Delicious - Cool for what it is, but not my thing

The Kindred- An Evolution of Thought - Really different. Still letting them sink in.
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