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Destruction -- Anaheim, CA -- March 29th, 2014

After Destruction's problematic tour a couple years ago Schmier claimed they would never return to North America. Thankfully it didn't take long for them to reconsider. This time around they hit Mirror Image Studios. It seemed like a strange place to book them, since the venue usually hosts local bands rather than international touring ones, but it turned out to be a nice choice. Although it's a small room the floor is wide enough for a decent sized pit to form. The biggest plus, however, is that the sound is great, which is not often the case in little clubs.

By the time I got inside Exmortus had just started playing their final song. They're a rather generic band that seems to have made a name for themselves in the cesspool retro thrash scene. I was there just in time to see them pull a lame trick where the guitarists played each others guitars slung behind their backs. The few minutes of their set that I witnessed were more than enough for me.

After a short changeover Krisiun was up. They've never impressed me much on record, but they put on an enjoyable show. Their brand of nonstop blasting death metal sounds very powerful live. They got the crowd going a bit, but there wasn't a whole ton of movement during their set. However, there was a fight started by a wasted guy. There seemed to be no security presence inside, so it was up to other attendees to calm the situation.
  1. Kings of Killing
  2. Combustion Inferno
  3. The Will to Potency
  4. Vicious Wrath
  5. Vengeance's Revelation
  6. Descending Abomination
  7. Ravager
    Drum Solo
  8. Blood of Lions
  9. Ominous

For whatever reason Destruction always takes forever to set up and start their set, so there was quite a long lull after Krisiun. During this time the drunk guy that started a fight earlier had instigated another one for no apparent reason, but there was still no security around to kick him out. Eventually Destruction were ready, and so was everybody else. They opened with "Thrash Till Death", spawning a violent pit. Soon enough the drunk guy had started yet another fight, which this time ended with him on the floor with a bloodied face. I didn't see him for the rest of the night after that.

The band was on point this night and sounded the best I've heard them. Schmier's bass was very audible in the mix, unlike previous times. And needless to say he still has the spitting venom in his voice that makes him sound so unique. Although the band was delivering in terms of performance, I had hoped for something more out of their choice of songs. On the setlist they had "Tormentor" and "Antichrist", but they opted for the same songs they usually play. Regardless, I enjoyed hearing the classics again, and I was surprised they actually played "Release from Agony" in full rather than only the first half like they've often done in the past. It was certainly a fun show and I was glad to see them again, but I hope next time they decide to change it up a bit!
  1. Thrash Till Death
  2. Spiritual Genocide
  3. Nailed to the Cross
  4. Mad Butcher
  5. Armageddonizer
  6. Eternal Ban
  7. Life Without Sense
    Beyond Eternity
  8. Release from Agony
  9. Carnivore
  10. Hate Is My Fuel
  11. Death Trap
  12. Total Desaster
  13. Bestial Invasion
  14. Curse the Gods
  15. The Butcher Strikes Back
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