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August Burns Red -- Royal Oak, MI -- March 29th, 2014

Born Of Osiris opened the show. These guys always shred. They're really solid live. "Machine" was an excellent opening song. The pit was going crazy during "Bow Down." Check these guys out if you've never seen 'em before.

Born Of Osiris setlist
Open Arms To Damnation
Bow Down
Follow The Signs

Next up was Crown The Empire. I had never heard their music before. I was pleasantly surprised. Their songs were extremely catchy. They had great energy, and they definitely had the place bouncing. I'd go see 'em again.

The hometown boys We Came As Romans were next. They all came out wearing Red Wings jerseys. That was great! I had seen these guys once before, but that was 5 or 6 years ago. I forgot how good of a live band they are. They were excellent. They had the crowd bouncing and singing along their whole set. I didn't particularly care for the cover song they played, but that's OK. They were off the hook!

We Came As Romans setlist
Tracing Back Roots
Fade Away
Glad You Came (The Wanted cover)
Roads That Don't End & Views That Never Cease
Never Let Me Go
To Plant a Seed

August Burns Red was next. They were the reason I bought a ticket. The last time they came through town was on the same night as the Megadeth, Nonpoint, Fear Factory tour last November, and I elected to go to that tour instead. I hadn't seen ABR in a few years. They are absolutely amazing! They're phenomenal musicians with an incredible stage presence. Given that they only got a 40-minute set, their set was pretty much perfect. I LOVED that they played "Internal Cannon" & "Marianas Trench." I was not expecting those songs at all. "Composure" & "Back Burner" are always great live staples. Plus, this was my first time seeing them play their newer songs live as well. I had such a great time during their set! WOW, what a show, and what a band!

August Burns Red setlist
Internal Cannon
Back Burner
Fault Line
Marianas Trench
Poor Millionaire
White Washed

Asking Alexandria headlined. This was my 3rd time seeing them, and I had not been all that impressed the previous two times. Nevertheless, I decided to give them another shot. I know they don't have tone of "street cred," if you will, and their fans don't exactly gain much praise in the metal community. I wanted to come to my own conclusion, though. I do like their song "Run Free." Yeah, I should've hit the road after August Burns Red. I watched about 40 min of their set hoping that eventually I'd start enjoying it. I didn't. They're terrible. Seeing the first 4 bands, though, was well worth the price of admission. Heck, August Burns Red alone was worth it.
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