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Carcass -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- March 28th, 2014

Another week, Another show here in Vancouver. This time Decibel Magazine brought an almost unbeatable lineup across North America. The Commodore Ballroom was last nights Venue and it was PACKED with Extreme Metal fans.

Always a good thing to see, Vancouver can be hit and miss with attendance for Metal gigs. In the past few years though we've seen a shift so more and more people are attending and more bands choose to tour here.

ANYWAY, on to the show review.

If you've been following this tour already, you should know the lineup:

The Black Dahlia Murder

I honestly thought last years lineup on the Decibel Magazine tour with Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Immolation would be IMPOSSBILE to top.

Well as everyone know's, Carcass and Gorguts ended up releasing new albums and here we are with one hell of a fucking metal bill.

I thought I had a setlist from Noisem but sorry, cant find it. On the other hand Noisem we're perfect openers for tonight's festivities. Thrashy/death/grindy (almost).. either way they ripped it up and finished their set in what seemed like no time. (25 mins aprox)

Next up was Luc Lemay and his marry men of musicians, Kevin and Colin from Dysrythmia on second guitar/bass for those who don't know. Gorguts we're unbelievably heavy. Just to hear those riffs, even if the set was 80% new material, totally pummeled your ears and never let up. It's just too bad the set had to be so short, the crowd was going NUTS.
Hearing Obscura live was pretty unreal. The tapping parts almost melted my brain. (30 mins set)

After that, the touring juggernauts Black Dahlia Murder we're up. For those who've seen them, you know what its all about. Huge pits, a crazed frontman and blast beats galore. This was my 5th time seeing BDM live and I could honestly say it was the best ive heard them sound. Pretty good intermission inbetween Gorguts and Carcass to say the least! (35-40 mins?)

The final act up, dating back to the late 80's with a musical relationship forged in metal history forever (Walker/Steer) was CARCASS!

I had previously seen Carcass on the 2008 reunion tour at the same venue as last night. This time though Jeff and Bill had new material to play and a couple new musicians joining them on stage.

The new Drummer, Dan (Trigger the Bloodshed) is just unreal on the kit. He can play all the old material with ease and it really does honor the sound that Ken Owen had going on those tracks. The new songs sounded right at home with anything else they could have played. "Captive Bolt Pistol" was a highlight from the new disc.

It was wonderful to see them again, hear those riffs/solo's and just relive the magic that happens only once in a blue moon. For those thinking of going to this tour, DONT WAIT to get a ticket. You wont leave disappointed. (1.5 Hours)

1)Le Toit Du Monde
2)An Ocean Of Wisdom
3)Colored Sands
4)Reduced To Silence

1)In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me
2)Moonlight Equilibrium
3)On Stirring Seas Of Salted Blood
4)Their Beloved Absentee
5)Statutory Ape
6)Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn
7)Phantom Limb Masturbation
8)What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
9)I Will Return

2)Buried Dreams
3)Incarnation Solvent
4)Congealed Clot Of Blood
5)Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System
6)Carnal Forge
7)No Love Lost
8)Edge Of Darkness
9)This Mortal Coil
10)Reek Of Putrefaction
11)Unfit For Human Consumption
12)Genital Grinder
13)Pyosisified (Rotten To The Gore)
14)Exhume To Consume
15)Captive Bolt Pistol
16)Corporal Jigsore Quandary
17)Black Star
18)Keep On Rotting In The Free World
19)Ruptured In Purulence
21)Carneous Cacoffiny
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