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Tankard - Chemical Invasion - October, 1987

I was probably a little too harsh on Tankard's debut, Zombie Attack (I gave it a 4.5 -- probably 1.5 points lower than it should be). It was at least a competent thrash metal release and certainly featured a lot of energy and enthusiam while not showing a whole lot of wit or intelligence. The band's second release follows in that same line. Chemical Invasion is a bit of an improvement on its predecessor though since it seems the band has managed to slow down sometimes and even write some catchier material. The idiot subject matter persists, of course with song titles like "For a Thousand Beers" and lyrics like, I dunno pick one, which is probably my biggest gripe with Tankard. The musicians are talented enough though, and while songs like "Don't Panic" and "Traitor" are fine examples of thrash in 1987, it's obvious that Tankard will always live in the shadows of Kreator, Destruction and Sodom (and rightfully so).

Standouts: Traitor, Don't Panic, For a Thousand Beers

Score: 6.5/10
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