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the songs might still sound good (to you at least), but 9 real songs in 2 hours for the amount of $ they charge is still bullshit and i won't support it. Part. when you compare how they used to tour in 2002. You could pay less than half what you pay now to be close & on a GA floor AND get a few more songs. And yes I know playing Third Eye is like 3 songs from a regular rock band, but they dont play it every night and they dont really make up for it with more songs on the nights that they skip it. Add in that they refuse to dump Lateralus, Schism, Stinkfist or Aenima bc...i dunno, bc they dont want to piss off the neanderthal segment of their fanbase? B/c of that, I just don't see how someone can support what is CLEARLY nothing more than a cashgrab from Maynard. Really insulting all around.

Also, did Trent sell you an extra one of his front of the stage screens after the Tension tour wrapped up? Way to be original there fellas.
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