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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
Shit, this is great. I need to listen to his new album. I've heard some Beck before and wasn't into it, but maybe it was because it was his full-band stuff. I generally prefer "man/woman with his/her acoustic" anyway.

EDIT: It was Midnite Vultures that I wasn't into. I don't remember if I liked Mellow Gold or not, but "Loser" is a great song obviously. I've heard great things about Sea Changes, too.
Midnight Vultures is where he lost me too. Odelay was good at the time it came out but over the years I've fallen out if love with it. Mellow Gold was in my first posts on this thread a year and a half ago in my top twenty. But if you're into the "guy and his guitar" thing One Foot in the Grave is what you want. I've heard Mutations was similar but I've never heard it. And Sea Change but again I've never heard it.

I feel out of love with Beck around Midnight Vultures and only got back in to him last year when he released those two singles (I Won't Be Long and Defriended) and now I'm playing catch-up on fifteen years of music.

But he was at his best in the early days (pre-Odelay).

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