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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Beck - One Foot in the Grave (1994)

When I first got this album sometime in late 1994 I hated it. I was listening to a lot of Beck in those days. There wasn’t that much out but what he did have was pretty off the wall (Mellow Gold, the Loser and Beercan EPs, Stereopathetic Soul Manure). There are still a few songs that are a bit wilder on this album (Burnt Orange Peel, Ziplock Bag) but for the most part it's just Beck, his acoustic guitar and some friends on melodic background vocals and drums. I was very young at the time and didn't appreciate music like that. But over the years (Jesus Christ, it’s been twenty) I’ve grown to really appreciate and love this album as a nice chill out album with quite a few beautiful songs that have (unfortunately) been forgotten over time. You could call this a precursor to Becks later material.
Favorite Song: Forcefield
Shit, this is great. I need to listen to his new album. I've heard some Beck before and wasn't into it, but maybe it was because it was his full-band stuff. I generally prefer "man/woman with his/her acoustic" anyway.

EDIT: It was Midnite Vultures that I wasn't into. I don't remember if I liked Mellow Gold or not, but "Loser" is a great song obviously. I've heard great things about Sea Changes, too.

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