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Alright, you guys convinced me, I'm just gonna do my best to shut my yap when it comes to the heavy stuff. I made that post because I do sincerely have trouble not posting too much about myself, and lately posting about myself seems to sometimes involve people and events that might not need to be mentioned on this forum. I actually have been "found out" so to speak maybe three or four times. For the most part it's been fine and in good humor, but there was a minor incident when I made someone a bit upset. That was my own fault and I did sincerely apologize at the time.

Recently I had a pretty revelatory experience with a musician I really admire and respect. It was the kind of thing that made me really resent stuff like blabbermouth, or even just the idea of talking about these people in a public space that they can't really see. It's like, I just feel bad talking about these guys behind their backs, even if it isn't negative. Not to mention, I've personally seen on many occasions just how much love and effort goes into making albums. I haven't had the personal experience with shows, but I know there's a similar degree of time and energy out into them too. Limiting criticism of those things to a mere blurb on a forum or even a short internet review really kind of cheapens the effort that these guys put into making that music. That's why I stopped doing album and gig reviews for Metal Assault. I don't even want to be a writer on a more active level than I already am. Hell, the last few things I wrote because my thinking was "If no one writes a cool thing on this band I love, who will?"

And the interviews thread... I do really appreciate that one of the mods here wanted to support me by stickying it. That is actually really really awesome and super cool of whoever did that. I thought it would be cool to not just post the interview and say "Here you go, read it!" but also share the journeys that I had in conducting the interviews and writing the articles. While I thought it would be really fun to share my people hunting activities and the meetups and little adventures, it's also inevitably going to involve me talking about those people that don't have a voice here. And I guess I just feel bad! So yeah, I guess if someone can delete the thread, I would appreciate it. I don't think I'll change the username, this is really the only forum I post on and am interested in posting on.

tl;dr, I'm just gonna try and keep my mouth shut better. Thanks for the pep talk dudes!
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