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I'm more than a little envious of you and all who got to be there (looks like you had a good seat too). That said, I just had to let this one go by. I'm on the back nine of my Dream Theater fanship (so to speak) and certainly their music has done a lot for me over the years, and I will absolutely buy this DVD when it's released.

Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
For me, Dream Theater is summed up to date as such: 4 years, 4 shows, 4 different venues. My first time seeing DT was in 2010 at the Palladium which was an off-date show while they were opening for Maiden. Show #2 was at the Orpheum in 2011 with Trivium. The show before this evening was in 2012 at the Pavilion with the Crimson ProjeKCt. I have zero complaints about any of the aforementioned shows, however, as soon as I arrived at the what I assumed to be oddball Boston Opera House venue, I knew I was in for a treat, along with the other 2,699 people in attendance.
I was at the same 2011 and 2012 show too, but not at the Palladium one. My personal DT concert stats (5 times, three cities, four venues) are personally satisfying if a far cry from the true fanatics.

Promptly at 7:30PM, as the ticket said, the show began. The one thing I immediately noticed was James LaBrie. 4th time seeing DT and this was EASILY the best I've heard him sound in person.
I noticed that in the past couple of years Labrie's stage presence has been receiving increasing accolades. He must be up to something because his showmanship seems to be on the rise.

. Rudess was his wacky self all night long (two keytar solos!) and Sir Mangini of Planet Drumulak sounded fan-fucking-tastic.
Haha, so goofy, but he can get away with it since he's in Dream Theater.

Then came the highlight of the show for me, a version of Illumination Theory that highlighted each person on stage over the nearly 20 minutes of the composition. The strings/horns played a particularly nice piece halfway through.
I imagine this was a near-religious experience. Illumination Theory is by far the highlight of the new album for me, and while it's basically my only highlight, it's a damn good one that does their career justice.

I seriously feel rejuvenated after this show.
Always a hallmark of a good concert.

I stayed home and listened to DT albums all evening. I've been pretty tired the past few days (busy weekend) so I was about ready for bed at 10:33.
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