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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
And that lady was Tasha Yar.

I would like to see Joe survive. He's one of the few really intriguing characters on the show right now. I don't care what happens to his group, but I'd love to see Daryl draw him into Rick's group somehow, so he could play a Merle/Shane type role. A contrarian figure that has his own ideas about how things should work, butts heads with the rest of the group members, and effectively diminishes the cohesion of the group.

Maybe this could create a rift in Rick and Daryl's friendship, setting up Abraham to become Rick's right hand.

I know one thing - the actor that plays Joe isn't just a bum Kirkman snagged off the street. That guy has serious ability. It would be a shame to kill him off.
Nailed the Joe character. Totally agree with you dude!

Also just a guess:

Spoiler alert kinda: Heard bout a cannibal group in the comics, havent read all of em yet, but that chick behind the grill totally made me think thats what this group will be, a bunch of cannibals.

Best season so far!
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