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Eddy at the Breakdown Room makes some very interesting points!

"There are just 13 more days to go before the trial. Time is running out.

We have seen no sign of a continuation request. The other continuations were granted 21 days (Jan 6 / Jan 27), 20 days (Jan 21 / Feb 10) and 20 days (Feb 11 / Mar 3) before the trial was scheduled, so another continuance would probably have been requested around March 18 and the legal documents arranging that should have surfaced by now.

For another continuance, the judge must be absolutely convinced that this time they are really close to a settlement. After all, on February 11, the lawyers of both parties indicated that they "are close to reaching a settlement". It wouldn't look very good if they came back five weeks later and said: "No, I mean, uh, we were like "close", right? But uh, you know, this time... well, we are really really close. Seriously you guys!"

Hellfest has been cancelled. (Tate's QR show on June 20th)

Cruise to the Edge has not been canceled even though to me, performing on a cruise ship off of the coast of Florida seems kind of difficult while you're sitting in a courtroom in Seattle."

I've got a good feeling that a settlement is coming within the next 2 weeks!
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