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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
You know, I have to say, you have a great radio voice man. It's clear and legible and easy to listen to for long stretches. You also sound a lot more confident now compared to your initial interviews, very nice job on your progress dude!
Thanks man that means a lot. It's hard to be believe that in June it will be 3 years since I started this show up.

Those initial interviews I was scared shitless. It didn't help that I was still very much an introvert at those times as well. But getting into the interview promotion side of things does help you gain confidence and by gum that has happened now.

It was actually my girlfriend about a month ago who said to me that I should cut back on a couple songs, be myself and talk more (and of course promote the show more so people listen ) and I think it has really benefiting. I hit number 21 on Podomatic yesterday which i think is fucking awesome.

Also starting on Saturday Night I will be guesting on my favorite Metal show, The Root Of All evil, based out of the twin Cities, where I will play an interview of mine and a 45 minute set of music. So I finally got my dream of being on the Fm stations where I live now.

Things are going damn good and I have you guys to thank for it for listening in and enjoying what you hear.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to play, I will happily oblige!
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