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The Wonder Years -- Hollywood,CA -- March 23rd, 2014

First show of 2014 and it will be a tough one to beat!

Showed up late so I missed Modern Baseball which sucks but whatever saw Real Friends first and holy crap did they kill it live! Always thought their music was just solid but live they brought it to another level. Everyone singing along really surprised me! Next pop punk band to blow up probably. Danny Boy had some good stuff to say in the betweens as well.

Citizen was up next and man they disappointed me. When I saw em at Chain Reaction the only down thing for me was the vocal mix at times was barely audible but now I think Mat just sings too softly to wear ya can barely him on certain songs. Like half the set was great and the last half was all instruments and made it lame. Also Citizen play your older stuff especially at a pop punk show not all Youth material, peeps want to jump an sing not listen to just all the slower,mellow music!

Watched Fireworks from a distance (my cool down period since I was singing and jumping for the other two bands) so not much to say bout them besides they sounded aight just cant get into them. Though The Wild Bunch and last song they did were cool.

Then it was time for The Wonder Years! Awesome band, between them and TSSF I don’t know who I like more in terms of pop punk. The crowd just went nuts the second There, There hit. Nonstop moving, moshpits and crowd surfers galore. During Washington Square Park I just went apeshit and so did the crowd it was glorious. I lost my gf for the whole song and I ended up in multiple pits cuz it was that crazy lol TWY set was perfect; I love how they switch up their set a tad ever night and also that they cover all their stuff like playing b-sides. Also Soupy’s talks are great and hit ya in the feels.

Overall a great night of singing along, hoping around and just having a blast. Me, my gf, and friend all had an awesome time. Listen to pop punk!

Modern Baseball: N/A
Real Friends: 9/10
Citizen: 7.5/10
Fireworks: 7/10

Setlist link to all bands :
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