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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Whoa. Wow. Those are strong words sir, really really strong words. The Tenant is my favorite black metal album and one of my favorite all-around metal albums ever, so a comparison like that is really incredible to read. I hope a lot of other people agree with you.

That being said, I think the Ludicra comparison is more apt than ever before. More than anything, I think Cormorant really had a heightened sense of ambition and determination going in. I think it resulted in an album that rocks out a lot harder than their previous efforts. That was Ludicra's strength, writing these really headbangable yet incredibly honest black metal songs, and I think Cormorant are finally the only band in the world that have really captured that songwriting aesthetic. Dwellings did rock out a few times here and there (the cool part of Funambulist comes to mind), but Earth Diver is just a whole other level of intensity and raw power.

Of course, what do I know? I still haven't heard the finished product yet. lulz for poorly timed spring breaks.
Yeah man my thoughts exactly! I mean the Opeth and Enslaved comparisons are still relevant to their music but more than ever it was Ludicra that kept screaming inside my head while listening to "Earth Diver".

March 25th, 2014

Triptykon - Melana Chasmata
(Prowling Death/Century Media)

With literally no introduction needed to the majority of the metal heads that revere him across the world. Tom G. Warrior is one of extreme metal’s all-time greats, being one half of the duo that co-founded Celtic Frost. After that band’s untimely second demise following their musical rebirth on “Monotheist” that saw them replace their proto-death/black and thrash metal sound with a massive gothic tinged doom metal one. Warrior decided to continue that musical path with his new band Triptykon and released their critically hailed debut “Eparistera Daimones” in 2010. Now four years later we see the highly anticipated return of the band with their sophomore LP “Melana Chasmata”. As you’ll find out from reading this review, the wait was entirely worth it as Tom Warrior has crafted what should be known as his undisputed masterpiece. A heavy as hell 67 minute melancholic trip into one of the darkest minds still making music today.
Starting off with opening track “Tree of Suffocating Souls” which is more of a homage to his thrash origins than what he has been doing lately. It’s bolstered by moments of thundering fast fills/kick drums, and a monolithically groovy riff. From there you're taken through the already premiered “Boleskine House”. After that “Altar of Deceit” which along with later track “Into Sleep of Death” are the most reminiscent of the debut album. Then another thrash track takes center stage in lead single “Breathing” followed by in my opinion the album highlight “Aurorae”. A jaw dropping song that sees the band attempting to write a post metal song with a soul stirring climax. After this the album breaks into the less accessible second half in my opinion. While not as instantly gratifying as the first five tracks, are expertly written pieces that just take longer to sink your teeth into. You have the industrial dirge “Demon Pact” which recalls his work in Apollyon Sun. As well as the beastly 12 minute epic “Black Snow” and closing mournful ballad “Waiting”.
So in closing I’d like to say why this album is so much better than anything else made by this legend is because it neatly envelopes and culminates his entire 30+ year career into one complete package. An yet at the same time him and the band are still trying new ideas and sounds out, reaching for even greater heights than they have already attained.

(Just thought I'd get this out of the way earlier, while my ideas were still fresh in my head. Believe the hype though folks that are awaiting this with bated breath. This is my AOTY I'm already sure of it, the album is just that damn good.)

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