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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post
Don't miss out on what I think might possibly be the best black metal record of it's kind since Ludicra's The Tenant.
Whoa. Wow. Those are strong words sir, really really strong words. The Tenant is my favorite black metal album and one of my favorite all-around metal albums ever, so a comparison like that is really incredible to read. I hope a lot of other people agree with you.

That being said, I think the Ludicra comparison is more apt than ever before. More than anything, I think Cormorant really had a heightened sense of ambition and determination going in. I think it resulted in an album that rocks out a lot harder than their previous efforts. That was Ludicra's strength, writing these really headbangable yet incredibly honest black metal songs, and I think Cormorant are finally the only band in the world that have really captured that songwriting aesthetic. Dwellings did rock out a few times here and there (the cool part of Funambulist comes to mind), but Earth Diver is just a whole other level of intensity and raw power.

Of course, what do I know? I still haven't heard the finished product yet. lulz for poorly timed spring breaks.
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