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This is a little old, but here's a short piece on Hazzard's Cure, a band I helped record last summer. To me, they're kind of like what the ideal bay area metal band would be like: unique, rocking and kind of weird. They're the nicest guys in the world, and true underground heroes. The EP they did also has Laurie Shanaman from Ludicra doing vocals on a song. Her performance in the studio was one of the most jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring musical performances I have ever witnessed. I remember she basically nailed the entire song in one take, and we were all just like, "Well shit, I think we're good." I think we got another take from her just for the hell of it. She is also a total sweetheart, which made her performance all the more striking haha. I did the interview via email, so I don't have any fun details to offer there unfortunately.

Next up is something that has the potential to be my masterwork when it comes to heavy metal journalism. It's a story that I can't wait to share when it's ready.
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