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Here you go folks, Week 71 of That Drummer Guy Presents, With my Tribute to GWAR, some killer MN Metal bands and so much brand spankin' new music, CHECK IT OUT!

GWAR- Lust In Space
Noble Beast- Iron Clad Angles
Sabaton- To Hell And Back
Epica- The Essence Of Silence
KXM- Rescue Me
Pretty Maids- Deranged
Menace- I Live With Your Ghost
Demon Hunter- The Last One Alive
Alaya- White Noise
Conquering Dystopia- Kufra at Dusk
Narcotic Wasteland- The Shackles Of Sobriety
Arch Enemy- War Eternal
Mount Salem- The Tower
FJØRT- Valhalla
Auric- Swept and Swallowed
Triptykon- Breathing
Nuklear Frost- Theist Holocaust
Cormorant- Sold As A Crow
Valknacht- Le sacrifice d'Ymir
Agalloch- Celestial Effigy
GWAR- Fly Now
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