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So thats that. Thanks for reading. I hope I touched a nerve with something you may have missed or brought back some memories. I had a lot of fun writing this and Im having a lot of fun reading the other threads too. I know that doing this I really wanted to go back and play a lot of these old games. Its just time for me, most of these games eat up weeks of your life so I dont even know where to start.

In another thread last week there was the discussion of metal and peoples criticism of when are you going to grow out of that? I get those comments with video games too. Well fuck that shit. Never. Ill be thirty four years old next month, I have a wife and two kids, a really good job, fairly good health and lots of other stuff to occupy my time. Playing video games for five or six hours a week is my release. Without playing video games Id be miserable. Sure Id be a grown up but Id be a very unhappy one who drinks Labatt 50 and goes to union meetings to complain about why my dues are so high. Im not that guy. I never will be that guy.

Even now a new generation of adamclark53 and adamclark54 are starting to play videogames, so it's safe to say that by the time Final Fantasy XXXIV comes out it will still have a Western audience to mock it's character design, criticize it's story...and waste hundreds of hours of its life unlocking the illusive green Chocobo.
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