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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Are you talking about the show at the HSBC arena in november of 2009? We got Creeping Death, No Remorse, Damage Inc, Blitzkrieg and Phantom Lord. Hardly bad choices if you ask me. That was a great show.

As for the current set, If you're going to see Metallica and don't want to hear Blackened, Master, Sanitarium, Lightning, Justice, Fade To Black, Bell Tolls, Battery and Creeping Death why the hell are you seeing them? I'm fine with the "fans choices" since those are all great songs. It's better than having a fucked up set with all three Unforgivens in it or stuff off of St Anger.
Yes I am talking about that show and you're right those songs you mentioned were awesome as hell but seven songs from Death Magnetic was a bit much and only one from Ride The Lightning was kind of a letdown. I know, it was an album tour, but still
2/19 - Cannibal Corpse
3/7 - Carcass
3/15 - Megadeth
3/24 - Archgoat
3/27 - Grim Reaper
4/16 - Ghost
4/25 - Amon Amarth?
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