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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
I'm calling BS on the by request sets. It's all been a ploy to make the fan feel 'involved' somehow.

When every show is going to end the same exact way the last tour did with the NEM -> Sandman -> Creeping -> rotating song -> Seek and then also include the Orion -> One -> Bell Tolls sequence and then on top of that have Puppets come in as the 2nd song again...I'm not buying any of it.
The fans choose the songs not the order of the set. The order of the songs is up to Metallica. So if all the songs you mentioned make the final cut, what's the big deal if they put them in the same order or not? What other spot would you put Sandman in? The spot before the encore is perfect for it. Seek & Destroy is obviously their concert closer at this point, so if it makes the final vote where else in the set do you think they would play it? I'm not sure what you're talking about with the Orion/One/Bell Tolls sequence as I don't recall those three songs being played one after the other that often. Having Master in the second spot is great since the people always go nuts for the song and most in attendance probably aren't expecting it that soon in the show.

So, some may not be getting the songs they want but like Chris MS said, those are a very vocal minority. Metallica is going for what is getting the majority vote and we can't do anything about that. At least they're trying to do something the please the people that will see them this year.
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