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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Racer was far and away the best game to come out if the Phantom Menace era. I had Racer Revenge for PS2 and I think it was basically the same game.

N64 still holds the record for the most expensive game I ever saw. It was called "War Gods" or something like that and it was priced at a one hundred and twenty dollars, plus fifteen percent sales taxes. This was in 1998 and PlayStation was releasing games for half of that. No wonder N64 didn't catch on.
Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I remember N64 games going up to 80 bucks by the end of it's run. I actually bought a game at that price because I didn't know any better.
I remember the Toys R Us by my house ALLLLWAYS had overpriced N64 games, which is why I didn't have a huge collection of them. Shit, I remember buying Golden Eye 007 in 2006-2007ish for $45!

Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
I never played the racer one since I didn't have an N64, but I recall the Gungan level in the Phantom Menace PlayStation game to be pretty hilariously fun. You could take the Gungan's stupid shock ball weapon things and use them against them. Watching the Gungans seize out on the floor was hilarious. Plus, if you did it enough, they'd turn against you and you could mow 'em down left and right.

tl;dr I get too much pleasure out of harming Gungans.
I think I remember that level! That game was so fun, but so bleh at the same time. One of those "I really like this game, but I'll just stick to renting it for the weekend" kind of games
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