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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post
Yeah. I'd like to see it get even darker. They passed up the perfect scenario to kill off Judith. A fitting end would have been for Mika to turn after she was stabbed by Lizzie and then eat Judith, and for Lizzie to watch it happen. And then for Carol and Tyrese to stumble upon it after it was too late. I realize that's a line AMC couldn't cross. And I realize Carol probably needs to walk up to Rick with Judith in hand for redemption purposes.

At first I thought Lizzie stabbed both of them. There were three graves in the yard.
I wonder if they'll kill Judith. That would take the show to a real dark place.

But ya the comics is straight up violence, death, and sex. Show is good just tame but they showed they are willing to reach a new level.
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