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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
I never played the racer one since I didn't have an N64, but I recall the Gungan level in the Phantom Menace PlayStation game to be pretty hilariously fun. You could take the Gungan's stupid shock ball weapon things and use them against them. Watching the Gungans seize out on the floor was hilarious. Plus, if you did it enough, they'd turn against you and you could mow 'em down left and right.

tl;dr I get too much pleasure out of harming Gungans.
Parts of that game were great but parts of it were so damn bad.

And there's nothing wrong with getting pleasure out of harming Gungans. They deserve it. I can't remember if it was your video game thread where I went off on a tangent on how great the first level in Battlefront was. No video game experience has come close to the satisfaction of being the CIS army slaughtering the Gungan army.

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