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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
5. Star Wars Episode 1: Racer

I had an N64, but a very limited amount of games for it (those things were EXPENSIVE from what I remember), and this game was one that I spent a good amount of my childhood playing. So fast, so frustrating, yet sooooooo fun! Let me race as Neva Kee and I promise I will kick anyone's ass! Not much can be said about this game, other than "It took the best part from Episode 1.... and made it that much better."

... I also really loved buying parts in Watto's shop.... don't know why, but it was fun
Racer was far and away the best game to come out if the Phantom Menace era. I had Racer Revenge for PS2 and I think it was basically the same game.

N64 still holds the record for the most expensive game I ever saw. It was called "War Gods" or something like that and it was priced at a one hundred and twenty dollars, plus fifteen percent sales taxes. This was in 1998 and PlayStation was releasing games for half of that. No wonder N64 didn't catch on.
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