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Queensryche -- Falls Church, VA -- March 13th, 2014

Full review

Geoff Tate's Queensryche played in VA. I was very much on the fence, but I figured why not, if only to compare it to Todd's Queensryche at M3.

Hurricane opened and they were solid, but a bit less energetic than I would have liked.

Tateryche was, I hate to admit it, pretty amazing. The band was solid (with the Sarzo bros and co.) and Tate was putting in effort, not phoning it in and only really showing disdain once. I couldn't believe it, because I was expecting a train wreck.

He can't hit some of the high notes, but it was pretty close enough.
about 200 people there (kind of low turnout). I got up pretty close

Hurricane (8:27- 8:57)
  • Hurricane
  • Take What You Want
  • Insane
  • I'm Eighteen (Alice Cooper Cover)
  • ? // i think there may have been another song here
  • Over the Edge
  • I'm on to you

Queensryche (9:26- 11)
  • I Remember Now (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Anarchy-X (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Revolution Calling (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Operation: Mindcrime (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Speak (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Drum Solo
  • Spreading the Disease (Queensr˙che cover)
  • The Mission (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Suite Sister Mary (Queensr˙che cover)
  • The Needle Lies (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Electric Requiem (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Breaking the Silence (Queensr˙che cover)
  • I Don't Believe in Love (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Waiting for 22 (Queensr˙che cover)
  • My Empty Room (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Eyes of a Stranger (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Silent Lucidity (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Best I Can (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Jet City Woman (Queensr˙che cover)
  • Empire (Queensr˙che cover)
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