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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I haven't heard much new stuff yet this year, but I've listened to the new Morbus Chron a lot. On the first listen I didn't know what to think, but with repeated ones I've enjoyed it more and more. Ripening Life is my favorite track, but I enjoy the more progressive ones as well. It's not going to suit everyone's tastes, that's for sure, but I like the direction they've taken. It has drawn a lot of comparisons to The Formulas of Death, but aside from the fact that both bands have made a big change in style on their sophomore records, I don't see that many similarities. The Formulas of Death has a much darker atmosphere and retained a lot more of the death metal elements of it's predecessor than Sweven did. Morbus Chron has taken their influences and created a unique sound, which I don't think is easy to do these days.
All of this Glad to see people liking it, I was worried for a second it wasn't going to be received very well. Probably my second favorite release of the year so far. I just keep coming back to it and finding more things to like about it.
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