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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
3. I just enjoy doing maths. I look up algebra problems for senior high-school level, print out a bunch, and solve them. Occasionally I push the boat and learn some more advanced problems that'd be found in college papers if I have the time, but usually I just do a few sheets of them if I'm travelling or I'm stressed. I find them comparable to Angry Birds or what not, just it's more food for my brain than a time-filler.
This sounds like a great idea. I haven't really exercised my brain much lately and I like/am good at math.

Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
As much as there are a lot of crazy people into metal, I've always thought nerd culture is a better fit for metal. If you can take a step back from the seriousness of metal and appreciate it in the same way that one would a ridiculous fantasy game or book, it makes it more enjoyable IMO.
I've always kind of viewed the metal culture as kind of a fringe group of the greater nerd culture. I mean sure there's the bros who are into Mayhem Fest bands and such, but the people who are actually super passionate about metal tend to share more qualities with nerd culture than any other clique.
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