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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
3. I've essentially changed myself almost entirely attitude wise in the last four years. I basically once realized I was perpetuating a lot of negativity and just being a generally unhappy person acting like the universe owed me something.
Could you go into more detail about this? How did you do this? This is something I've tried to change, with some positive results, but is ultimately very difficult to maintain for long periods of time.

9. I'm definitely more of a nerd who listens to metal. I used to be a metalhead who was also a nerd for much of my late teens, but yeah, fell into a few too many stereotypes for my liking in that time.
As much as there are a lot of crazy people into metal, I've always thought nerd culture is a better fit for metal. If you can take a step back from the seriousness of metal and appreciate it in the same way that one would a ridiculous fantasy game or book, it makes it more enjoyable IMO.

16. I enjoy and do maths in my spare time sometimes. Usually algebra. Cheap, easy way to keep my brain focused while a good distraction from y'know, the shitty parts of life.
How do you do this? Are you actively trying to learn more in algebra, or just practicing certain types of problems? Just curious because although I'm pretty decent at math, I never went as far with it as I wanted to.

24. I'm quite fond of this community, and beside Facebook, this is easily my most checked social media forum.
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