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It's been 5 years, so here's 24 things about me!

So yeah, I just realized I've been here 5 years in February, so here's 24 (I'm 24) things about me!

1. I study social care in college. I'm not sure what area I want to go into, but I do know in terms of a career path to fall back on, social care is where I want to be.

2. I'm 24 and turning 25 in June.

3. I've essentially changed myself almost entirely attitude wise in the last four years. I basically once realized I was perpetuating a lot of negativity and just being a generally unhappy person acting like the universe owed me something.

4. I'm shamelessly positive about life and the potential for things these days.

5. In recent years, I've taken up writing articles and occasionally fiction. I don't think I'm very good at it, but I enjoy it and my editor hasn't felt the need to contact me regarding low quality or comments about the quality yet so I think I'm doing something right. if any of you feel like reading my reviews!

6. I play guitar and write/record myself from time to time. I keep saying I'll put together some tunes to show off but I'm never arsed. It's just always been something I've enjoyed doing with no pressure. I've never gigged, though I would like to someday, but right now I'm happy doodling and having fun. If I meet like-minded musicians who like the idea of a casual project, maybe that'll change.

7. I've never lived away from home. This is largely because where I live is easily commutable to Dublin, and as a result I've never needed to move out on my own. I've also over ever worked part-time jobs so I never had the finances to move out when I wasn't in college.

8. I currently live with my dad and sister after moving away from my mom. Long story short, it was amicable as she had a living option for herself that would see her through retirement so I said I'd rent a room from my dad. So far no-one's died, so it's worked out.

9. I'm definitely more of a nerd who listens to metal. I used to be a metalhead who was also a nerd for much of my late teens, but yeah, fell into a few too many stereotypes for my liking in that time.

10. I absolutely believe music and books are the two purist art forms. If you want to witness honesty in art, those two are the most honest I've found.

11. My favorite book is Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. It is one book, that has four subsections. 'Mostly Harmless' is like when a band releases a b-side collection, and I've not yet read 'And Another Thing...'.

12. I like to drink alcohol. I've had my party phase where I wanted to get 'fucked up', but these days I just really enjoy hanging out with friends getting drunk, listening to music and playing video games. I genuinely enjoy it.

13. Henry Rollins, Kevin Smith, Dimebag Darrell and John Green are personal heroes of mine.

14. Dawn of the Dead is my favorite film. I intend on doing a film list though to talk about it more.

15. I also don't drive, this is a willful choice these days. It's not a matter of time, I'm not sure if I'll ever drive. No need or want for it right now and unless I end up living in a suburb and need it to get to work, I don't see it happening.

16. I enjoy and do maths in my spare time sometimes. Usually algebra. Cheap, easy way to keep my brain focused while a good distraction from y'know, the shitty parts of life.

17. Ancient history of the Earth is a big interest of mine. I love reading about old civilizations and religions. I've not yet managed to get into a conversation on the topic, but I find it interesting nonetheless.

18. I have a huge interest in video games, but rarely get the time to play the kind I like because I play them for good stories and fun gameplay. RPG, action adventure and platformers are my general forte.

19. I recently rekindled my love of comics. Walking Dead and The Boys are among my favorites, with Judge Dredd being my favorite 'Hero'.

20. I'm a TV and film junkie. Both have been something I've always enjoyed collecting and finding the obscurity in both.

21. 'Fade' by Cloudkicker is probably currently my favorite album. It's up there with 'Vulgar Display of Power', 'Divine Intervention', 'Never Mind the Bollocks' and 'Dirt' as one of my favorites of all time.

22. Despite being a big metal fan, my first love was punk rock/grind, and I still hold a lot of those values to heart. I'm an every kind of music nerd these days. Only problem is a lot of punk rock has the same problem with a lot of old metal - the production is near un-listenable.

23. I have one tattoo; Pantera's 'CFH' logo. Decided at 16 if I ever decided I wanted a tattoo, that would be the one. I wanted a tattoo at 21, and so I got it. Still don't regret it. I intend on getting more, I have some ideas, but they cost money.

24. I'm quite fond of this community, and beside Facebook, this is easily my most checked social media forum.
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