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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Trying to wrap my head around paying fifty to one hundred dollars to see Beck in June. I don't mind paying that much for a show. I just find it weird to pay that much for Beck, when twenty years ago you had a good chance of walking in downtown LA and seeing him playing a guitar with three rusty, untuned strings on a street corner.
I went to buy a ticket today and there was virtually nothing left. And I just couldn't pay eighty-six dollars for the last five rows. Especially when every other ticket is eighty-six dollars too as far as I know. Except the back row, which is sixty-five. I just can't pay that. Maybe if front rows were two hundred dollars I wouldn't feel as ripped off paying so much for back row tickets. But that's just unfair.

I did really want to go to this show since it's on a Friday and I've been getting back into Becks music the last year. But right now I'm just not buying them out of anger. And why would I want to hang out with a bunch of hipsters anyway. If I wanted that I'd go to a Deafheaven show.

Sorry Beck, maybe next time.
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