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Spirit Caravan -- Atlanta, GA -- March 10th, 2014

I'm posting this a couple of days late because I've been busy at work. I was rather surprised to see that these guys had reformed and were touring again. I had seen them a bunch of times when I lived in DC from 1996-1998, even when they were known as Shine. The last time I had seen them was in 2001 in Athens, opening for COC and Clutch.

It seems that original drummer Gary Isom jumped ship right before the tour started and was replaced by Vitus's Henry Vasquez. He did a fine job on short notice.

Wino and Sherm... man, those guys have aged. It wasn't Wino's best night on vocals, but he was ok. Sherm sang a couple of songs as well. Here's the set list:

1) Dreamwheel
2) Black Flower
3) Dead Love/Jug Fulla Sun
4) Retroman (Wino announced "Healing Tongue," but Henry started in on this song, so they went with it, skipping "Tongue," which was on the setlist.
5) Sea Legs
6) Brainwashed
7) Powertime
8) Fang
9) Dove-Tongued Aggressor
10) Ice Monkey (Vitus)
11) Inside Lookin' Out (Animals?)
12) Lost Sun Dance

So, while I would have preferred more songs from the 2nd record, it was good to see them again.

Pilgrim opened and played 4 tunes in about 40 minutes. I hadn't heard them before, but I'll check them out further now.
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