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Well I've definitely got lazy in getting this done but I've wanted to get started I just had some other stuff going on and that took precedence but I am back now and yes MPF I am so damn excited that a 7" is going to be getting released next month. I'm bummed it's not atleast an EP but it looks like later this year an EP will be released so it's been 6 years since a new release so I guess a few more months won't kill me. That being said on w/ the countdown:

#11 - The Obvious Destination

One of the more varied tempo songs from Candiria I've ever heard. It starts off intense w/ Carley doing more gruff vocals that I absolutely love that he just attacks the second the song kicks in. Then it gets a little different around 2:09 of the song there is a sound on there that sounds like a xylophone. Come to find out it was a marimba that was used in that part. I'm not even ashamed to admit I'd never heard of one but this is what one looks like for those who don't know either.

I just don't know how being in a metal band you can start writing a song and someone says "ya know this part really would be better w/ a marimba". It just kind of comes out of nowhere as alot of the Candiria songs are.

The Obvious Destination
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