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51.) The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra- Zombie Mouth

A local MN band that incorporates Prog Rock, Orchestral and Bluegrass. Even their Facebook describes them as the bastard songs of Rush and Ralph Stanley. On their latest album they really feel the tightest they have been. They explore new territories of Prog while keeping the Bluegrass influence that makes them so different and catchy. The title track really zones in on the Prog territory while songs like Going Nowhere Fast in it's Bluegrass glory makes everyone bob their heads in enjoyment. It's easy to see why these guys are gaining recognition on every release. If you are a Rock and Metal guy like myself, this is a nice break from the heaviness but showcases musicality they way it should be done. Check these guys out and support them in any way you can.


52.) Thou- Heathen

Thou is a killer Sludgy Doom Metal band that has been in the scene for a while now. Every record gets tighter and tighter and Heathen is definitely the tightest album to date. It's not your average Doom Metal, it goes through very melodic passages amongst the slow brewing chaos. The changing tempos also make this more of an enjoyable experience that sets it apart from others in the genre. If you've never checked out Thou before, this is a great starter album for the band, it really showcaases what theya re all about.


53.) Throwdown- Intolerance

The name of the band and album definitely makes this sound like Bro Metal, but it is actually more of Straight Edge Vegan Brocore. The last few albums from Throwdown have been very Pantera inspired and Groove Metal, this album harkens back to their Hardcore roots and is very Straight Edge Preachy. Much like Earth Crisis, if you can get past the lyrics, you will find some great music here. It's not their best album but they did find a good mix between Groove Metal and Hardcore on this album that should make old and new fans of the band happy so grab some turnip juice, eat some celery and enjoy some Throwdown!


54.) Ancient Ascendant- Echos And Cinder

The UK really does make some inspiring Death Metal and these guys are definitely a part of that. This isn't your typical Death Metal that is about being brutal. This is atmospheric and very Death inspired. Very Proggy at times and showcases melodicness in the right spots to make this very enjoyable for those that want something different than the most brutal Death Metal out there. Absolutely worth looking into for some killer awe inspiring Death Metal.


55.) KXM- S/T

George Lynch, Dug Pinnick, and Ray Luzier. This is one sexy combination. Much like the name suggest (and was based upon) This does sound like a mix of Lynch Mob, King's X and Korn. It's got the 80's twinge coming from Lynch, the catchiness of King's X, and the heaviness (and al the parts that don't suck about) Korn.I am a dug Pinnick fanboy so anything he does I will love to some extent, but this is the best Pinnick release since King's X's last album XV (get back in the studio guys, please!) I'm sure because of Korn's schedule it won't happen, but these guys need to tour, this is too damn good not to tour in support of. I also hope that this is not a one off project, I can see this band getting even tight and even better. Absolutely soulful, heavy and sexy Hard Rock!


56.) Bigelf- Into The Maelstrom

Bigelf have finally returned. I have been saying it ever since I discovered the band and this album still holds it true. Bigelf is the perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. It has the heavy doomy, stoner metalish vibe of Black Sabbath, and the progginess of Pink Floyd. One of the best bands that hardly anyone knows about. This album explores even more of the psychedelic side to the band while still keeping that Sabbath vibe. This is an absolute treat for anyone who wants heavy Progressive Rock. It's like taking acid and spinning Dark Side Of The Moon and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath at the same time, it sounds crazy but it works!


57.) Intervals- A Voice Within

This is a Canadian Djenty Progressive Metal band that features the new vocalist of Raunchy. One thing that really makes these guys stand out in the Djent world is that there is no screams. Much like TesseracT, they are sticking to clean vocals and honestly that makes the music that much more enjoyable. It makes the hooks stand out more and showcases everyone in the band instead of just writing them off as a Periphery Ripoff band (which is certainly not the case here). be on the lookout for these guys, its absolutely kiloler stuff if you are a fan of new Progressive Metal.


58.) Bend Sinister- Animals

Small Frame I still feel is the highest point of awesomeness in Bend Sinister, but Animals rivals this idea very much. Bend Sinister is a Canadian Prog Rock band that also has a lot of Indie and Alternative influence. Much like if you take Deep Purple and mixed them with Menomena. Bend Sinister can do no wrong and Animals shows that point off amazingly well. The opening 8 minute epic, best Of You is easily the best song they have written to date. The rest of the album, while sticking to it's own theme on each song, can be a bit repetitive to some, and mindblowing to others. To me this album is done right. While I still love their last album Small Frame more, Animals is truly an animal of an album and deserves to be showcased. They are heading out on a US tour this month, make sure to check them out if they come by you!


59.) Babymetal- S/T

I will go on record and say this album is going to be the Sunbather of 2014. A band that is bringing Metal to a mainstream crowd and done in a way that others may have done first, possibly have done better. To those who want a real description of this album, picture JRock and Power Metal mixed with some Death Metal, but with 3 tween girls singing in Japanese. This is a polarizing album because to some it will feel like Kids Bop goes Metal, to others it is a novelty act, and to others will see this as a cool combination of genres. I like to think of it as all 3. I am all for anyone who wants to bring heavy to a mainstream audience, as long as the music doesn't suck, and I don't hate this. It's a fun album, Metal doesn't always need to be so serious.


60.) Destrage- Are You Kidding Me? No.

Coming from Italy these guys do one of my favorite genres of Music. to put it simply it is Avant Garde Metal. It is a mix of what bands like SikTh and For The Imperium have done in the past and currently but making it in their own way that is too damn good to ignore. I use the term Avant Garde to describe their sound because there are way too many labels that can be used to describe their sound. My favorite one that sticks is Psyopus Meets Face No More Meets Linkin Park Meets SikTh. These guys are all over the map. But before you let that scare you, all of the music is put together so tighly it doesn't sound like a giant mess. It flows together naturally and very well done. These guys could be huge if it gets right attention and i am happy to support them in anyway I can. If this album keeps kicking my ass the way it has, it will be my favorite album of the year.

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