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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Ya think HHH vs D-bry will open WM or will it be just before Orton vs Batista?
That's a hard one to say. First and foremost, Triple H DOES NOT open Wrestlemania. I'd say it would be in the middle, followed by a filler match, the Undertaker/Lesnar match, maybe another filler match, a Hogan segment, the Hall of Fame then the main event. It's looking like Cena will probably be in the first half, unless his match is considered one of those filler matches.

However, having it right before the main event would give them a reason to have Bryan lose. They can play the whole "he's just been through hell with Triple H" angle and have him go in already beaten and broken. But if they really want to push Bryan they can go with that angle and have him win. Or have Triple H job him out in seventeen seconds then go on to win the belt in less than five minutes.

There are a lot of ways it could go. It will at least hopefully make for an interesting show.
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