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I witnessed live the fingerpoke of doom, Vince McMahon winning a Royal Rumble, Triple H vs Booker T at Wrestlemania XIX, the Elimination Chamber at Summerslam 2003, Randy Ortons championship celebration after Summerslam 2004, Cena returning at Royal Rumble 2008, this past years Royal Rumble, Cena overcoming the odds and winning a match in the last minute after getting dominated and so many other events that have just pissed me off. Sometimes because the person who won was injured or supposed to be injured and you were left wondering "why the hell did he win"? Other times were you were just like, "what the fuck, you've got to be kidding me, again!". I was SHOCKED when Triple H tapped at Wrestlemania XX.

So I'm very, very jaded. The WWE has a long history of doing exactly the opposite of what I want to see. And until I see Triple H get pinned 1-2-3 I will not believe he's losing. Especially if a championship stipulation gets added where either winner gets added to the main event.
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