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East of the Wall -- Orlando, FL -- March 9th, 2014

Cave of Swimmers
Cave of Swimmers

They surprised the shit out of me for being just a 2 piece. A lot of music creativity and quite a bit of energy in their set.

Infinite Earths
Compliance & Complacency
The Godhelm
When The World Was Infringed Upon
Spiral From Spacetime

They played their set after East of the Wall (I have no idea why but I'm just going to put them before.

We went to eat inbetween Cave of Swimmers and Diamond Plate so I missed Diamond Plate and still haven't checked them out so I can't really give any information on them.

East of the Wall
Obfuscator Dye
Running Tab Of Sweetness
Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World
Arbiters Meet
Third-Person Camera
Meat Pendulum
Clowning Achievement
False Build
Whiskey Sipper

This set is going to be hard to top as the year goes on. If you have never seen or heard of these guys before I highly recommend checking them out. They had a third touring guitarist as well and she fucking destroyed face. It was my buddy's birthday at midnight as well so EotW sang him happy birthday. Awesome night.

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