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So here are the Stats of That Drummer Guy

Facebook: 453 Likes
Twitter: 585 Followers
Youtube: 84 Subscribers/38,060 viwes
Instagram: 48 Followers (just started this on Friday)
Blabbermouth: 20 Articles
Interviews: 77 (some couldn't air)
Episodes of That Drummer Guy Presents: 69

I'd say that's pretty damn impressive considering I've been doing this with Self Promotion for almost 3 years now. I have had a lot of great help along the way, from my days on W3rd radio, to getting onto FM radio thanks to the amazing Jiggy Jaguar, to my short tenure on Metal Nation Radio, to my home on Krocks Radio One Zero Point Radio. All have helped me to where I am now.

I can't thank you guys enough for being there for me through the best and worst of times. I never would have thought that a guy like me with his nerdiness for music would be able to do what I'm doing now. A weekly radio show, endless amounts of promos from bands who wanna be on the air, interviewing bands who come to the Twin Cities, reviewing albums every year for my huge list of yearly albums. It's so damn cool that you guys care enough to enjoy what I do.

This year I wanna be able to do this for the long haul. I wanna be on the air in Minnesota and Wisconsin so everyone who lives by me knows that I'm not just doing a podcast. I wanna be able to get the big time interviews as well as the underground interviews to promote everyone who deserves it. I wanna make That Drummer Guy a household name.

So please continue to support the moniker of That Drummer Guy. Recommend those enjoy Hard Rock and Metal to the show. Any musicians who wanna get on FM radio, shoot me a promo of your album or songs, if you want an interview, let me know I will gladly support you. If you know of a radio station that airs heavy music, or is a rock station that ignores heavy music, let them know I can be there to bring the good music to the masses.

I honestly couldn't have done any of this without you guys, thank you so much for the continuing support. I am here to spread the good word of heavy music, now let's make it even bigger!

- Josh Rundquist!
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