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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Ive begun thinking that may be a good angle for the last few weeks.

And you can't say that it's never been done before, no one knew the main even of Wrestlemania IV until a half an hour before it happened.

And if they want that big Wrestlemania moment to imortalize Wrestlemania XXX Daniel Bryan winning the title would be it.

I hope you're right. I'm very skeptical but I hope you're right. That stipulation alone would be enough for me to order Wrestlemania.

Abd if Triple H BEAT him, and he got the title match or something, then I may be seriously done with the WWE.
Agree. Last time I stopped watching for about 2 years but if HHH buries D-Bry I'm gonna walk away until Punk comes back or something.

Also they added a 30 man battle royal. Not bad, they can put a bunch of talent in that (Ziggler, Zack Ryder, NXT dudes like Sami Zayn and Neville, Santino, Fandango Sandow, Mysterio.etc). If Cesaro vs Swag doesnt happen I see him winning this battle royal and getting a massive push afterwards otherwise Rusev wins it for a big WM debut.

Also added Bray vs Cena. Thus far Bray has cut damn fine promos and I'm sure this match will be entertaining.

Hopefully they dont make Usos vs NAO straight up for the titles they put on bland matches. Maybe a 4-way TLC match with the Rhodes Bros and another tag team.

Prob gonna add Sheamus vs Christian Last Man Standing match and end this damn feud.
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