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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
Might not be opener, but this is happening as of right now.

Y'all were wrong, but something tells me we're all glad of it!
Ive begun thinking that may be a good angle for the last few weeks.

And you can't say that it's never been done before, no one knew the main even of Wrestlemania IV until a half an hour before it happened.

And if they want that big Wrestlemania moment to imortalize Wrestlemania XXX Daniel Bryan winning the title would be it.

I hope you're right. I'm very skeptical but I hope you're right. That stipulation alone would be enough for me to order Wrestlemania.

Abd if Triple H BEAT him, and he got the title match or something, then I may be seriously done with the WWE.

12/27 -- Unearth/Protest the Hero
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