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Week 69:

Bend Sinister- Best Of You
Dog Fashion Disco- Sweet Insanity
Destrage- Destroy Create Transform Sublimate
Sikth- Part of the Friction
In Flames- Wayfaerer
Insomnium- Where The Last Wave Broke
Mutiny Within- Undone
Evergrey- Lost
Cage- From Death to Legend
Nevermore- Emptiness Unobstructed
Shaded Emnity- ...And Life Was Great
Woods Of Ypres- Modern Life Architecture
Demon Hunter- My Heartstrings Come Undone
Fear Factory- Bite The Hand That Bleeds
Within Temptation- Let Us Burn
Amorphis- Drowned Maid
Nightwish- I Want My Tears Back
Enslaved- Roots Of The Mountain
Paradise Lost- Laws Of Cause
Bury Your Dead- Sympathy Orchestra
Hail Of Bullets- Advancing Once More
Fleshgod Apocalypse- Epilogue
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