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I will preface this by saying stratgey games are my least favorite game type, not that I think they are bad or anything, I just do not own the patience to play them.


Starcraft needs no introduction it is one the forefathers of gaming;just ask Korea. I can't remember why I got this game and was uneasy about playing it but what a fun time it was. The interface was simple, I learned the basics pretty quick. The story was awesome like a great sci-fi novel. I would play the campaigns 10 time over before steeping foot in online mutliplayer. I will say that in the latter levels I got overwhelmed by the resource gathering, making troops and keeping an eye on the enemy that I gave up and used cheat codes.....I know

But all in all I really enjoyed the game, long with Brood War the expansion pack. In later years I found out about the countless mods created by fans and I found some of them to be amazing. Then finally after a long time Starcraft II: sons of liberty came out and well it was a great game, I felt like it didn't have the charm of the original. I wish I could play Heart of the Swam and the next one but I only have a laptop that is not built for gaming.
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