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Great show !!! It was my third Metal Church show (all with Ronny Munroe on vocals). Basically at this point the current version of the band is a cover band (only Kurt Vanderhoof remains from the 80's)...I'm not knocking them...a great cover band !!! There was a very good crowd for the show...alot of us old 80's people (one guy actually brought his kid with him who was sitting there playing his video game during the show . Nothing against the newer material (Generation Nothing fit perfectly into the beginning of the set), but most people come out to see the 80's classics which they play great. They keep it safe and play the standard 'hits' ! I have a live cd with 1986 concert dates and its almost a repeat of the set...Ton of Bricks, Start the fire, Gods of wrath, Watch the Children Pray, Beyond the Black, Metal Church. Ya, the sound was off at times...but for being played in a small club you cant complain...great show !!!

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