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Carnivore - Retaliation - September, 1987

Carnivore's sound has changed considerably since their self-titled debut. While the first album had hints of hardcore thrown in, it was largely a speed/thrash album rooted in traditional heavy metal. On Retaliation, we see the band up the speed, intensity and brutality of their sound and are left with a very NYC-sounding record.

After the listener is treated to the sound of Jack Daniels and pizza exiting someone's body, Pete Steele and company drop the hammer and don't really let up until the album is over. Blazing through the first few numbers, Carnivore really hits their stride when they slow things down, crushing you with "Race War" and the hilarious "Jesus Hitler". Is this foreshadowing the kind of sounds Steele would create later with Type O Negative? We certainly hear some shades of that band here, whether it be through the bass tone or some pretty controversial lyrics ("Don't call me your brother, 'cause I ain't your fuckin' brother/We fell from different cunts and your skin, your skin's an ugly color!" to point out one shining example!).

Retaliation is not a complex record. It works because it pummels the listener into submission, and while Steele's bellowing can get tiresome at times, we're drawn back in by a number of different tricks -- catchy riffs and eyebrow-raising lyrics among them. Sadly, this is the last record the world would hear from Carnivore as Steel went onto more gothic sounds with Type O Negative and wouldn't get the chance to show many people the reformed band before his untimely death in 2010.

Standouts: Race War, Jesus Hitler, Sex & Violence

Score: 8/10
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