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1. Police Truck
2. Kill The Poor
3. I Kill Children
4.Religious Vomit
5.This Could Be Anywhere
6. Drug Me
7.Anarchy For Sale
8. MTV - Get Off The Air
9. Insight
10. Ill In The Head
14. Chemical Warfare
16.Pull My Strings
17. Chickenshit Conformist
18. Lets Lynch The Landlord
19. Too Drunk To Fuck
20. The Stars and Stripes Of Corruption
21. California Uber Alles
22. Nazi Punks Fuck Off
23. I Fought The Law
24. Viva Las Vegas
25. Holiday In Cambodia

Of course with Jello Biafra/East Bay Ray/Klause/DH Peligo
12/3-Lil B
12/10-Agnostic Front?
12/18-Code Orange?

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