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I really like To Mega Therion. At first listen I wasn't too sure but by song four Dawn of Meggido I was sold. I heard the Tom G. Warrior of today more on that song than any. And on the four or five listens since I've loved everything even more. The only songs I can do without are the intro Innocence and Wrath, the segue Tears in a Prophet's Dream and the bonus track Return to the Eve. Necromantical Screams is probably my favorite song. I love the backing vocals in that song.

Granted, by todays standards it's not very evil but I can only imagine how this came across thirty years ago. They really sound like no other band of the time. Just ugly.

Obituary sound like pretty much every song on this album, from the riffs to the guitar tone. And the band Sigh in their earlier days too.
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