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Animals As Leaders -- Detroit, MI -- March 6th, 2014

I got there late and missed the first band called Chon. Navene K was next. He's Animals As Leaders' previous drummer. He was nuts! I didn't think I'd enjoy listening to a drummer play along w/ techno beats for 30 minutes, but he was incredible!

After The Burial played next. They're always great live. I was just as excited to see them as Animals As Leaders. They opened their set w/ "A Wolf Amongst Ravens." "Bezerker" had the circle pit going as usual. I had never heard the new song "Pennyweight" live before. That was cool, but I really wanted to hear "Virga." That's my favorite song off their new record. Oh well. Maybe next time. I think their set was cut short because their singer Anthony looked surprised when he said they had one song left. The crowd was bummed about that, but they rocked out their last song as hard as possible. That was definitely the highlight of their set.

After the Burial setlist
A Wolf Amongst Ravens
My Frailty
Your Troubles Will Cease & Fortune Will Smile Upon You

Animals As Leaders headlined. This was my 6th time seeing them, but FINALLY I got to see them as the headliner. Woo hoo! Their musicianship is unmatched, and as always their video screens added a lot to the show. "Temting Time" was one of the highlights of their set, especially the jam at the end. You could tell the band was so into it, and that was just one of those concert moments where everyone in the building was loving it all at the same moment. They have a new CD coming out March 25th. Run, don't walk, to go buy it. Their new stuff keeps getting better & better. The new song "Physical Education" was probably the highlight of the entire night. After playing "CAFO" on the encore, Tosin just gave the crowd the peace sign, and the band walked off stage. It's hard to put into words how amazing an Animals As Leaders show is. I wouldn't do it justice. Just go check it out for yourself.

Animals As Leaders setlist
Tooth and Claw (new song)
Do Not Go Gently
Tempting Time
Wave of Babies
Kascade (new song)
Lippincott (new song)
Point To Point
The Price of Everything & The Value of Nothing
Behaving Badly
Physical Education (new song)
9/3 Shai
9/17 Erra
9/20 SFTP
9/23 7d
10/3 KoRn
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11/20 MH
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