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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post

1. Goodbye To Everything
2. Astral Body
3. Lay Your Ghosts To Rest
4. Autumn
5. Extremophile Elite
6. Parllax
7. The Black Box
8. Telos
9. Bloom
10. Melting City
11. Silent Flight Parliament
12. Goodbye To Everything Reprise
13. Sun of Nothing


1. Dream House
2. Irresistible (over PA)
3. Sunbather
4. The Pecan Tree


1. The Literal Black Cloud
2. Vernon
3. Harmonomicon
4. Milk Leg
5. The Welding

Quick notes:

- The Kindred played without a vocalist. He might be sick? They were okay as an instrumental band.
- BTBAM was good but goddamn to I need a primer in the new album if they're gonna play it in its entirety. Enough good parts throughout the album to make it enjoyable, but it really dragged on in certain parts. Definitely was on my phone a lot. Sun of Nothing is still far and away their best song, though
- Deafheaven was, by a large margin, the best band of the night and the best band I've seen in 2014 so far. People went fucking apeshit for them, lots of moshing and some crowd surfers, and George even went into the crowd during Dream House and had a bunch of people scream along with him. One of the best live bands and one of the most important metal bands around right now. I can't think of a single band that can follow up a Deafheaven performance and not get blown out of the water by them.
- Intronaut was nice. First time seeing them in six years. A lot different than what I remembered. Drummer and bass player are awesome!

Full review tomorrow!

BTBAM: 7.5/10
Deafheaven: 10/10
Intronaut: 8/10
The Kindred: 7.5/10
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