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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Fireworks set where
Glowing Crosses
The Wild Bunch
One More Creature Dizzy With Love
X's On Trees
Flies On Tape
Oh, Why Can't We Start Old And Get Younger
When We Stand On Each Other We Block Out The Sun

There ya go bro.

Also when ya go see STYG/Terror make sure to catch Counterparts and Hundredth

Citizen set:
The Night I Drove Alone
Roam the Room
How Does it Feel?
Speaking With a Ghost
The Summer

Saw the first dates setlist and TWY played a slightly different set. Makes sense they always switch it up a bit. Wish I got a VIP ticket to hear Madelyn and Hey Thanks Wish they still closed with All My Friends are in Bar Bands oh well still will be amazing!

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