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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
To be fair, there's always someone who says it about every festival the world over every year. This just attracts more of them because it's genuinely a piece of boiled crap every year.
That's where I disagree. For me, the worst year was probably this past year and even though I wasn't thrilled with a lot of the bands initially, I still had a great time. I guess what makes me question people who post on these forums and the official mayhem forums is the narrowmindedness when it comes to who plays. It's not the rockstar mayhem death/thrash festival. There are going to be a huge variety of genres represented as that's the point of the festival, to bring out a variety of fans to listen to different genres of rock/metal. Furthermore, people bitch about repeat headliners, but fail to use common sense when thinking about why they were chosen. Consider conflicting touring schedules, the money to bring in huge headliners like say Metallica or SOAD, or simply enough that their are only so many headliner quality bands that would make people want to stay till the end. Its almost imvpossible to not have a big name headliner who isn't a repeat. I've been to every mayhem and 4 Ozzfests and every year its the same stuck up metal elitists who bitch about mainstream bands playing. I guess what makes me not take any of these comments seriously is that the year when sslipknot, slayer, anthrax, and motorhead played, which in my opinion was by far the best year, I distinctly remember people bitching that it was a horrible lineup just because Devil Wears Prada and AA were on it. Ignoring those four previously mentioned bands and calling it a bad lineup because of two sidestage bands loses any credibility in my book.
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